House Painters Winston-Salem

Painting your house can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of the place. If you’re trying to sell the property it can even be an investment that’s going to allow you to obtain more money in the transaction or help you sell it quicker. We could go on about the benefits of updating the look and feel of your home with vibrant colors. Something that we don’t want to miss though, is affirming that getting pros to do the job is going to make it more likely that you’ll get the results that you want. That’s exactly where and how we want to help.

About Us

Painting in general is certainly a skill that many people are going to be able to develop. Of course, we’re talking about home or business building painting, not artistic painting. We are certainly not artists, but what makes us pros of the business is the consistency with which we are able to paint. Could virtually anyone paint one wall with decent quality? Of course, they could. Could they paint multiple walls every single day with the same level of quality? That can get tricker, but our guys have mastered that art. That’s exactly why they are real pros that can provide consistent results.

Our Services

We already told you that we are house painters, but what type of services do we specifically provide? Well, we can help you paint both the interior and exterior parts of your house. We can help you stain wooden decks or paint other types of decks. Although we label ourselves house painters, we can also work on commercial projects. In short, if you need to paint virtually anything we’re going to be able to help you achieve over the top results.    

Interior Painting

When we deal with interior paint jobs we are as worried about the process itself as well as the results. We want to make sure that we’re only getting paint on the walls and places that need paint not your carpets, floors, and furniture. Painting your interiors properly can help spark new life into your home. Yes, you could go about trying to paint these walls yourself. Booking our services though will allow you to not have to put in the time and effort that is required to do the painting. Plus, the results with us are virtually guaranteed.

Exterior Painting

You’ve probably heard people say that it’s important to make a good first impression. In homes and buildings, the first impression that you’re going to get comes from the exterior paint job that you have. We can help you pick out the right type of paint that’s going to really bring out the best in your existing facade. Hopefully springing new life into the whole area. Many times, painting exterior facades can be a great way to help sell your home or make a good first impression for other purposes.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Your kitchen cabinets can be one of those parts of your kitchen that are really going to absorb a lot of wear and tear. When they look worn down it makes the entire kitchen look old and not properly cared for. The good part is that through a paint job that is properly executed you’ll be able to completely change the way that your entire kitchen looks. We’re going to be able to help you paint all sorts of cabinets. From wooden cabinets to vinyl cabinets and everything in between you can rest assured that we’re going to have you covered.

Commercial Painting

There are a couple of key differences between most residential painting jobs and commercial painting procedures. Most of the time there is going to be a difference in the size of the task at hand. When that happens you’re going to want to work with a company that has a team on hand that will be able to get to work within a day. That’s exactly what we bring to the table. We’re a company that won’t need to bring in unprofessional collaborators to be able to handle large scale jobs. One of the other differences in the potential need to get legal permits to be able to get a job done. If there’s a need for that we can help.

Deck Staining

If you have a deck the last thing that you’re going to want to do is to just let the elements tear it apart. Sadly, a lot of people end up finding themselves in this situation because they didn’t have the financial stability or whatever it may be to invest in restoring their deck. We can help you restore your deck without it costing you a fortune. Give us a call and get a feel for what we may be able to do for you.

Concrete Staining

One of the best ways to give a concrete surface a unique look is to stain the surface. We can do this to existing surfaces. Particularly if the existing concrete surface is in good shape. We’re going to be able to create all sorts of unique designs for your concrete surface.

Contact Us For More Information

​At this point, are you interested in any of the services that we can provide for you? Obviously, we haven’t been able to talk in detail about our interior paint jobs and other procedures. If you give us a call or contact us though, we’ll be able to discuss the different possibilities that we have for you.
“These guys can help you paint literally anything. I’ve had them work indoors and outdoors in my home and the results that they were able to provide were great! – Candice R.
“The work that Winston-Salem House Painters were able to do in my deck allowed me to literally start using the surface again. I literally had to stop inviting people over for BBQ, because the deck looked terrible. Everything is back on track now though! – Gavin T.
“I tried painting my own home, needless to say, that was a terrible idea. Thankfully, I gave these guys a call and they completed the job successfully. – Vance Y.