Commercial Painting

Winston Salem Commercial Painters

There are a couple of differences between residential and commercial paint jobs. If you hire a company or independent professionals that are not used to working in commercial projects you could be in for some trouble. Mainly because there are or can be different types of regulations that you’re going to have to follow in commercial projects. For example, if we’re taking up a bit of the sidewalk for some type of paint job in a residential area most people won’t bat an eye. If you do this with a commercial project you could face fines and all sorts of different issues.

Permits and Legal Requirements

Since we’ve already mentioned this aspect of commercial painting we want to tackle it directly here. It’s not that all commercial projects are going to require that we go out and get some type of permission from the city. There are some scammers out there that will inflate the prices on their projects to pay for permits that you don’t really need. We don’t want to have to get permits any more than you do. Yet, we need to be aware of what the consequences of our actions could be. If there is a need for permits involved we can help.

Extensive Planning

Certainly, we wanted to get started painting as quickly as we could. That doesn’t mean that we’re going to outright forgo the planning stage of any project. We don’t only do this because of the potential need for legal permits, but also to make sure that all sides involved understand what type of results we’re going to be able to provide. That way you’ll know what you’re getting into and we’ll know what’s expected from us. Therefore, the planning stage in all of our commercial projects is going to be overly important.

The Type of Projects That We Work On 

When we talk about commercial projects what are they referring to specifically? Well, commercial projects for us can be working on painting interior walls and exterior facades on all sorts of commercial buildings. We can be talking about stores, restaurants, factories or whatever it may be. We can even help you paint parking lots or other types of floors or large decks. Pretty much any type of project that isn’t within a residential area is going to be tagged with the commercial label. The fact that we label it a “commercial project” doesn’t mean that it’s going to be more expensive. 

Don’t Worry About A Thing

We don’t want to be the company that is always nagging our clients because we’ve run out of paint or we’ve had some type of setback. If it happens we’ll obviously let you know. Ideally though that’s what the extensive planning is for. We want to make sure that we account  for all of the different challenges that could be coming our way. That way when we’re actually working we won’t have to stop everything because of a minor incident that we did not foresee.