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The orders of protection need to be handled by family attorneys or divorce lawyers with a lot of experience. The team that you will be able to hire for this kind of work is right here at Divorce and Family Attorney Westchester New York. We are a team of individuals with a lot of experience, and we are going to be able to ensure that the work we do for you is going to be able to last. We have been able to develop systems and protocols that are helpful and beneficial for your needs. Also, we are going to ensure that the work we provide you with is going to help make for a more manageable future.


When you first reach out to our company, we are going to meet with you and review your situation. We are going to examine your legal rights and we will see what we are able to do for an optimal outcome. There are many different aspects of consideration that will need to be discussed, butĀ our teamĀ is going to be able to ensure that the work is done effectively and efficiently. We have been able to accumulate. A lot of experience, and this is going to be helpful and beneficial with all of your needs.

Court Orders

Following court hearings and court orders, our team is going to review the circumstances with you. We are going to be able to review the terms and conditions that have been ordered by the court. We are going to review the rights that you have. In the circumstance when there are appeals that we need to put in place, our team is going to be able to dive into that work for you. We will be able to be handled the wide range of tasks and services that will need to be handled.

Protection Submissions

When there are certain circumstances that you want to be a part of the orders of protection, we are going to be able to submit these requests and develop terms and conditions that are going to be helpful for the case. Whether the case is brand new, or whether it is an appeal, our team will ensure that the job is handled properly. You will have the information and insights that you need to be able to know that you are being taken care of and that the proper precautions are being implemented.

Settlements and Payments

Our company is going to ensure that we provide you with the help and resources that you need to be able to get back to living a full and normal life. Our company is completely devoted to providing you with the outcomes that you need. When it comes to settlements and payments for our services, our company is going to provide you with detailed documentation outlining the way that the work needs to be done. We will ensure that the work is done properly, and we will ensure you have the right support every step along the way.