Deck Staining

Winston Salem Deck Staining Contractors

There is a sense that decks need a lot of work to be able to stay in decent shape. It’s not that we don’t agree with the assessment. It’s just that if you allow your deck to wear out it’s going to need more and more work to be able to get it back in decent shape. Of course if you come to us with a deck that needs a lot of work we’re going to be able to help. From there though we’d hope that ideally you’d look for our services on a more consistent basis. To ensure that your deck doesn’t get to a breaking point.

Is Staining Really Going To Make The Difference?  

Of course there are different types of things that you can do to repair existing decks and other types of wooden or wood hybrid surfaces. Staining in many ways though can help coat the existing surfaces and protect them from excessive damage. Also proper staining is going to allow your deck to look the part. That’s really the main focus that we’re going to have. We want to make sure that your deck is a total asset of your property and never a liability.

Can All Types of Decks Be Stained?   

As with any of the surfaces that we paint or stain we always want to ensure that we have a good feel for the state of the surface. At the same time we should know rather quickly what type of wood hybrid or other type surface we happen to be dealing with. Once we get that down we’re going to be able to point you towards the right type of paint and stain that are going to be needed for the project. Also, we can give the area different looks with a variety of colors and patterns.

How Long Will I Need To Stay Off The Deck? 

That’s going to depend on the type of stain that we’re going to be using and the type of surface that your deck is essentially made from. Of course, we’ll give you a time frame when we get out there and provide the service for you. As we say with many of the services that we provide we usually want to allow all of the paints and stains to settle in accordingly. We’d rather be safe than sorry. We’d rather tell you to stay off the surface a full day when maybe you’d be good for 6 hours.

How Many Times Can A Deck Be Re-Stained?  

There are no set rules for something like this. We’ve seen surfaces that just won’t take another coating and they have been stained one time over. It really depends on the current state of the entire structure. A lot of times it just doesn’t make sense to put stain and therefore money into something that actually needs a major restoration before you can add the finish. We can help you navigate through these decisions without a doubt.