Exterior Painting

Winston Salem Exterior Painters

Painting home or business exteriors is one of the best ways to ensure that the building remains appealing. In businesses this certainly is important particularly if you need clients to continue to want to come in and buy things from you. In homes it can certainly build a sense of pride. It’s always better to be able to arrive into a good looking home than to have to come home to a building that looks haunted or anything like that. Our exterior painting services are built to help you reach any type of finish that you may have in mind.

How We Paint Exteriors

A lot of people want to know the exact painting techniques that we use to paint exterior facades. The answer that we always give is that we are going to choose the painting method that we use based on the type of materials that we’reĀ going to be painting. Painting metal siding is not going to be the same as painting hard stucco. Also, we may incorporate different paint methods to be able to cover the entire facade the right way. What we don’t want to do is commit to one type of painting technique, whether that be with a paint sprayer or a roller just because they may help us get the job done faster. While ultimately providing a below average finish because we weren’t able to get to the hard to reach places.

What Type of Exterior Surfaces Do You Paint?

We are able to paint virtually any exterior surface, including walls and facades or other elements that you need us to. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to be using the same methods and the same type of paint for each of the different surfaces that we paint. You can be sure that we’ll point you towards the right type of paint and apply proper painting methods.

Best Time Of The Year To Paint Exteriors

The summer days without much rain can be a good time to paint. We can get some work done in the fall as well. For the most part, we’re going to want to work without having to worry about precipitation. That being said, although rain can make our job much harder we can take steps to accommodate for some rain while we work. It’s not like if it’s not 70 degrees or higher outside you shouldn’t think about giving us a call.

Can Rain or Snow Interrupt Your Services

When we’re talking about light rain or things of that nature we’re going to want to take steps to make sure that we can continue. If things get out of hand with rain or snow our focus is going to be on trying to cover up the area as best we can to try and salvage some of the work that we’ve done. The weather is typically something that we account for in our planning procedures. There are extreme situations though that you just can’t plan for.